Third phase of Somali New Deal conference commences

June 13, 2014. The third phase of Somalia’s New Deal conference commenced in Mogadishu Friday (June 13th), with top Somali and international officials in attendance.

This phase is expected to focus on evaluating the overall situation in Somalia and the various conflicts in the country.

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, who chaired the conference, discussed peace building, creating inclusive politics, access to justice, improving economic foundations, providing equitable services to citizens and strengthening revenue collection.

He also spoke about the important role of women and youth in the future of Somalia.

“Let us not forget our future generation, our youth. Ensuring access to primary and secondary education, sports programmes, and jobs for young people will propel Somalia to a stable future,” Ahmed said in a statement.

The New Deal Compact, which was established last September, initiated a renewed partnership between the Somali federal government, parliament, regional administrations, the Somali public and the international community that aimed to foster dialogue, promote political reconciliation, and establish peace, security and justice nationwide.

During last year’s conference, international partners pledged 1.8 billion euros ($2.4 billion) to help Somalia.


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